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Full Moon Blessing
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    Delve into the Keys of Knowledge library and take in some new, old or even extended wealth of knowledge for today's Witches. 
     Keys of Knowledge was created by all Pagan women. (not wiccan) Although there are so similarities there are also some great differences between the two. 
      We kept the website geared towards Pagan women since the start in 2002. However knowledge has no gender. It is the information that is provided through our website that women can not only relate to but have a greater connection with.  
    Our wonderful staff has expanded in 2016 & 2017 sharing their time and knowledge with our viewers. 
                              Blessed be to all !
Did you know....
   In 1765 The British Jack and Jill Rhyme actually shows two boys named Jack and Gill.

The word religious word 'Amen' that christians use at the end of their prayer came from Egypt 2500B.C.  It was a name of their highest deity 'Amun' which mean the hidden one.

In the 14th century if you cleared your throat at the dinner table it was considered bad manners.

The first people to have glass windows was the Romans in A.D. 600

In the twelfth century umbrellas were considered a mark of nobility.

Gothic style came from the Goths which were those who destroyed property and leaving places a wreck. Instead of using the word 'ugly' they would say 'gothic'. Ex. "That is a gothic house!" and  "Servants have gothic clothes."

In 1952 the microwave ovens were available for home use.
Did you know....
You have an invitation to test
your skills to see if you would
survive a Witch Hunt.  
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A good herb to use to stop or reduce gossip is Slippery Elm.

Windy days are a great for casting communication spells.

Used coffee grinds mixed with soil are great for nourishment within your plants.

The hardest time to do meditations would be during a waning moon.

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