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Full Moon Blessing
Thank you for viewing the website   Blessed Be  !

Welcome !
    Delve into the Keys of Knowledge library and take in some new, old or even extended wealth of knowledge for today's Witches. 
     Keys of Knowledge was created by all Pagan women. (not wiccan) Although there are so similarities there are also some great differences between the two. 
      We kept the website geared towards Pagan women since the start in 2002. However knowledge has no gender. It is the information that is provided through our website that women can not only relate to but have a greater connection with.  
    We do not exclude men from absorbing knowledge from our website but rather make them aware that it is indeed a website designed towards women. Our wonderful staff has expanded in 2016 sharing their time and knowledge with our viewers. 
                              Blessed be to all !
Get hot apple cider and a cinnamon stick. As you stir your drink, say a blessing. 
Making   Sacred  Space
   Making sacred space doesn't have to be difficult at all.
 The space is your space, therefore it is personal and only requires your touch, your time, your items, your way.  
    Try putting on music as you take a broom and sweep
around your outer edge of your circle. No words are 
needed from you. Although they are nice to chant at times. It is just a preference. 
   Everything you do for your ritual is putting your touch on things. Just like if you bought a house; you are the one decorating it with your touch.
   After you sweep, place a circle of candles, stones, small bowls of herbs, and a small bowls of water. The color candles, the choice of stones, choice of herbs and quantity of bowls of water is up to you. Go by your gut 
and see which color candles you feel in the mood for. Select which stones feels right in your hand. Smell some herbs and decide which one fits your current mood. Water has strong spiritual travel and divination properties. You decide how strong you need it.
Making   Sacred  Space