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       Established in 2002

Witch Hunt
Gaia, Goddess or Mother Earth
   A strong, meaningful and very personal choice.
To each their own when it comes to which name to speak.
  It is what you or your circle is most comfortable with. Mother Earth, Goddess, or Gaia.
    Sig-Wan is one of the wonderful divine Northern Native American Deities. One out of the four sister deities whom represents the four seasons. Sig-Wan is the Spring. She is described as the one that provides the clothing for nature. She wraps the bare winter trees with plush robes of green leaves.
She covers the earth's feet with soft green grass slippers.
  As Sig-Wan provides a floral scented air freshner; she also gives voice to the crickets, toads, frogs. ducks and more. Then fills the outside with a fine ensemble orchastra of singers(birds), with a wide range of octaves.
  Ostara, Spring Equinox, the official season of Spring! Whether you honor the European goddess of the dawnis, German goddess Ēostre, Norse goddess Freya or Sig-Wan. She is a wealth of divine fertility of life. A pure giver, maiden of nature and rebirth.
   Although she is classified as a Deity she is more of a specified period of time. The phrase "It is the time of Sig-Wan" simply means "It is Spring".

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Spring Issue

                 Gaia, Goddess or Mother Earth

                       Sig-Wan (Spring Sister)

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              Interview with a Witch - Rev. Terrie Brookins
Sig-Wan (Spring Sister)
In the Know
Lisa Thiel's newest cd is out, called
"Songs of Healing". Available on Itunes and CD baby.

Scott Cunningham mostly practiced the craft alone as a solitary. Even when he entered briefly into a coven he soon left to pursue witchcraft as a solitary. Rumors spun that he did not favor wicca. Out of 22 books only 2 contained "wicca" in the title and the 2nd was a continuation of the first. So many people discount that one and claim 1 book on wicca from him.

         The word "Pow-Wow" is also
      known as a type of magick.


Join Natura Sisterhood and embrace your spiritual path!
If you are a Pagan Woman 18years or older and would like to join a sisterhood that allows you to embrace your spiritual path with positive enlightment. This may just be what you are seeking to help keep you on your spiritual path and know you are not alone.
  We offer 2 convenient membership plans that provides knowledge on the craft as well as community support. Just click on the link below.
This is a private page for
those of Natura Spirit Circle.
Natura Sisterhood is not the
same as Natura Spirit Circle.
If you are in the Hampton Roads area and are a member of Natura Sisterhood. Please ask us about this at any of our meet-ups.
The names all represent the same divine feminine spirit that you can connect with comfortably. The comfort is similar to when you address your female parent, as Mom, Ma, Mother, etc.

Olivia Newton -John has a song on itunes titled, 'Gaia'.  It is a lovely song. The above picture is the cover of it.
Question of the Month
I'm a solitare witch going on 7 years now. My wiccan friends said I'm not a witch because I haven't trained like they did. Is this true or something they just made up?
Titles are a form of identity. The
qualifications that classify if you
fit that identity can be based on
many factors.
  The title "Witch" has many meanings to different people.
      The training itself has nothing to do with being a Witch.                Some are hereditary Witches         with no training what so ever.

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