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The medicine is the "Essence of life", also known as "Inner Power".
It is basically what we take into ourselves, thoughts, feelings, etc and then actually physically producing out. 
   So if you take in knowledge of how to create something and then you create it, you have used medicine. Another way to think of it as energy. You receive that energy and then use it. Keep in mind you are receiving it into yourself, your being. 
  At that point you have to balance it while inside of yourself. Form and nurture it with positive feelings, love, harmony and then use it in the physical world. 
   Each is responsible for our own medicine. I say this because the same energy can be given to everyone in a Circle. Once inside of you, it is up to you how to form it. One person can be using positive calm thoughts to nurture and form it. Another can be using inner sadness if they are grieving. We have the medicine inside of us and the ability to change it it accordingly.
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Do you have a published  book, music cd, business operation relating to Paganism? Are you a High Priestess, Mentor, Hereditary Witch with at least 3 generations that have practiced? Are you a Certified Herbalist, Shaman trained from thier native tribe? 
 We would love to interview you on the website and give you a chance to not only share your knowledge but advertise your Pagan media                                        (book, cd, etc.)
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 This show shown on the History Channel has proven to be well received by Pagans and non-Pagans a like. 
   They worship the Gods & Goddesses of their region. They explain their spiritual beliefs throughout the series. A once Christian priest lives among them and learns their Pagan ways. 
  If you missed it and have Amazon Prime, you can watch it there for free. 
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 Vikings - TV show
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 If you wanted to get water that is already naturally blessed; you would simply get it from nature. Collecting water from the rain is a very popular way, just like collecting it from the ocean. Both of those ways are normally done during the warm spring and summer months. 
   Winter is another good way to collect if you are in a region that has snow. Gather your snow up in a container, cup, etc. Then when it melts, funnel it into a bottle.  Another good idea if you have some water that you already blessed and feel like it needed to be amp up. Place your bottle of water in the snow for a few hours. Let the snow instilled it's coldness upon the jar, thereby naturally blessing it. 
Naturally Blessed Water
The Medicine
 Naturally blessed water is "Water from Nature".  Nature holds the most powerful pure magicks and for this reason alone is why the elements never need to be blessed. Unless you have purchased it from a store, such as stones, dirt, salt, bottle water, etc. then you would need to bless it. However if you come across a stone yourself and picked it up from the ground, there is no need. I personally try to use things that I get from nature myself to represent the elements oppose to buying them. At times, it doesn't always work out that way or it's a matter of preference during that moment that I wish to use a bought item. Also, you should bless a item that is given to you.