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Full Moon Blessing
Thank you for viewing the website   Blessed Be  !

Welcome !
    Delve into the Keys of Knowledge library and take in some new, old or even extended wealth of knowledge for today's Witches. 
     Keys of Knowledge was created by all Pagan women. (not wiccan) Although there are so similarities there are also some great differences between the two. 
      We kept the website geared towards Pagan women since the start in 2002. However knowledge has no gender. It is the information that is provided through our website that women can not only relate to but have a greater connection with.  
    We do not exclude men from absorbing knowledge from our website but rather make them aware that it is indeed a website designed towards women. Our wonderful staff has expanded in 2016 sharing their time and knowledge with our viewers. 
                              Blessed be to all !
Get hot apple cider and a cinnamon stick. As you stir your drink, say a blessing. 
Winter  Solstice
A perfect time to collect the snow and put into your jars or bottles. Snow is a natural element of nature and when it melts that water is naturally blessed. This is known as 'Snow Water' and  'Winter Solstice Water'.

  Select a small piece of bark or sticks that may have fallen onto the ground.
Dry it out then 2 sheets of paper.  Write all the things you wish to accomplish by Summer Solstice on both papers. Take your piece of bark/stick and wrap one paper around it. Tie it with a string. During your ritual throw it into the fire (bonfire, fireplace, etc. Roll the other paper up and tie it with the string. Do not open until Summer Solstice. At that time see if you had met your goals.

                                        Winter Solstice Ritual

"Behold the shortest day of this year
Bless this rite and all that has gathered here,
We honor the Sun along with the cold
It is not a time of death, but a time of old,
The growth within the earth has been preserved
For it is a time to relax, not a time to serve,
We bless all of nature, for nature is key
We welcome the Winter Solstice, Blessed Be!

(This is a Pagan Winter Solstice ritual blessing. We acknowledge and honor the actual sun and not a son of a Goddess.  Wicca believes a son of the Goddess dies during this time, similar to the Christians belief of a God's son being born during this time. They both honor a baby boy, we do not. We honor the Sun itself.)