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    During the cold months fireplaces have many purposes and for Pagans it becomes a handy powerful tool. Casting spells using the ashes of the embers to carry off through the air to your intended destination. This is when the powder form of herbs are very useful. If you prefer to grind your herbs into powder using a mortar and pestle in front of your fireplace or you may already have some in powder form. If your into earthy magick, try placing your herbs into a cloth and use a rock to crush them as you say your intention. Once you have connected and raised enough energy; you throw your powder into the fire. Most Pagans are able to feel and sometimes see the magick in the fire working. Meaning taking hold, for this is the starting point. Think of it like passing it to another so they can continue the work. Once you know the fire has taken hold then we take comfort it will do it's job and there is no more need to think about it. "What has been done is done!"                                   Anytime you work with the elements it can be powerful. As long as you know how to connect, appreciate and know how it can assist you with your magick, it can be a very powerful tool. Another good method is building energy inside yourself, then start chanting as you light your fireplace. Your words with the built up of energy are basically infused with the lighting of the fire. That fire becomes filled with your intention until it burns out or you put it out. This last technique is recommended for for Skilled Crafters. (See article below on Skilled Crafters) 
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               Interview with a Witch - Wendy Rule
Do you have a published  book, music cd, business operation relating to Paganism? Are you a High Priestess, Mentor, Hereditary Witch with at least 3 generations that have practiced? Are you a Certified Herbalist, Shaman trained from thier native tribe? 
 We would love to interview you on the website and give you a chance to not only share your knowledge but advertise your Pagan media                                        (book, cd, etc.)
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There is much to be said for those who commit to the learning process and becoming true Skilled Crafters. The year and a day studies does not mean once completed you know everything and you are an expert. That is more of a key that you have earned and with that key you can unlock many more  skills of the Craft for you to learn and achieve. A huge accomplishment for anyone that is able to commit with consistency for a year. If you can do that, you can learn just about anything in the craft. It is definitely something to be proud of.
    Every Skilled Witch of the Craft have either completed a mentor-ship or a training with a certain degree. Oppose to those who have not had any mentoring, training or inability to complete one.
Skilled Crafters
Fireplace Magick
 A Skilled Crafter will not let any pet peeves, petty disputes or minor conflicts to interfere with the process of their learning. They are wise enough to know this is required for honing their skills and the value of the knowledge far outweighs the journey they had to go through to learn it. Skilled Crafters tend to have ten plus years of consistency within the Craft as well as great appreciation of the learning process. For they know it takes knowledge, training, experience, devotion, and time in order to craft their skill of magick. Skilled Crafters are able to connect with their magick with confidence and ease. They also accept the fact that despite their many years of training they never stop learning. They absorb various knowledge as they go throughout their lives instilling them with wisdom.
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