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Witch Hunt
   This is the time when the veil begins to thin.  As it slowly diminishes to a bare existence between the worlds we start to feel things more. Our intuition is heightened, we are able to connect more easily, and energies are felt around us quicker than normally. The spirits are finding the pathway to our world opening. There is no need to be alarm since they too are weary of us. To them they are perceived to see themselves as normal and we are the ones that are not.
  This is the time to prepare for your love ones to arrive if they so choose and if you are so welcoming. Preparing for that also means preparing for barriers so other uninvited spirits do not enter. Fall is also a great time for divination. Try to use a divination tool that you don’t use frequently. One that is normally hard for you to use. This is the time for it. It is a chance for you to learn, connect and use that divination tool that you may had difficulty with.  Fall is also a time to be thankful. We need to humble ourselves and be more grateful, even forgiving. Put those petty disputes aside and embrace the season fully.
    Fall is the perfect time to make your very first Pagan apple pie or cobbler. Put on some Pagan music chants while you slice up some apples. Sprinkle your cinnamon with a magickal intention attached to it. Try placing a little in the palm of your hands and blow it onto the pie right before it goes in the oven.
  September through mid November is known as "Season of the Witch", so Witch it up some!!!
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Fall  Issue
                              Feeling the Fall

                           Halloween colors black & orange
                  Casting a Circle for the Witches New Years

              Interview with a Witch - Wendy Rule
Do you have a published  book, music cd, business operation relating to Paganism? Are you a High Priestess, Mentor, Hereditary Witch with at least 3 generations that have practiced? Are you a Certified Herbalist, Shaman trained from thier native tribe?
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The color black in clothing is worn for the magickal purpose to neutralize negative energies.
  The color orange represents the spirit of the fall season. Relating to the colors from pumpkins, leaves, embers and the harvest.
  Placing the two colors together on a altar represents the welcoming of        the Spirits during October and          November.
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Halloween Colors
    Black & Orange
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This is a excellent way to cast a circle with a bunch of people during the Witches New Year's. Everyone brings thier own broom and stand in the circle. One by one they raise thier broom high in the air and say, "With this broom I bring forth __________" They would fill the blank in with thier intention. Then everyone would shout the intention with So Mote it be. For example if the person said, "With this broom I bring forth Clairty" Everyone shouts, "Clairty! So Mote it be!" Then the person turns around and place the broom down upon the ground. As each person does this the broom should connect. In order to do this some of them must cross upon each other which is perfectly fine.
  After all the brooms are laid upon the ground in a circle, everyone holds hands and speaks the words 3 times below;

                                                  "Circle of brooms is what we cast
                                                  Circle shall hold, Circle shall last."
Witches New Year's Circle
Feeling the Fall