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Witch Hunt
 Before diving in your books to look up the properties, you as Witch should use your natural gifts of senses, smell. Sit quietly with your oil and place it in a oil burner with water. Light a tea light under it and close your eyes. 
   Write down how it smells to you, what thoughts, any images that may have entered your mind and what you feel this oil can do. This information should be the first thoughts that pop into your mind. Don't try to analyze them. If you are sensing 2 or 3 different things that is ok, write them down. 
   Then pick 3 sources of oils. It can be books or even a website. I prefer to look up in different cultures. Such as Asian, Native American and Pagan. Find a common properties within all three sources and write it in your book of shadows. ALSO find properties that you have sensed in any of the sources. It doesn't have to be all 3 but at least 1 source. 
   If you feel really strongly about something you sense and you can not locate it any source, don't discredit yourself. You may come across it later even if it's a few years. 
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                            Learning Sacred Oils

                           The color Black

                       Do you see what I see

               Interview with a Witch - High Priestess Vala
Do you have a published  book, music cd, business operation relating to Paganism? Are you a High Priestess, Mentor, Hereditary Witch with at least 3 generations that have practiced? Are you a Certified Herbalist, Shaman trained from thier native tribe? 
 We would love to interview you on the website and give you a chance to not only share your knowledge but advertise your Pagan media                                        (book, cd, etc.)
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 When Native Americans look at a tree or field they see food, medicine and life. 
  When a Witch looks at a tree or field they see beauty, life and the Goddess. 

In the Know
 Do you see what I see
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 So misconceptions about this prime color. Many are unfortunately bad which it simply is not true. Black is a very powerful color spiritually. Even Priest and nuns wear it. A common use today is banishing but it can also balance, strengthen, cleanse, and use for meditation. Just about everything you can do with a white candle, you can do with a black. 
  Black is the night, a natural part of nature. 
The color of Black
Learning Sacred Oils
 Most events are held at night. The night helps us to see things in a different way, hence using candles to illuminate the dark, which can change the whole atmosphere. People set up romantic dinners by using candlelight while it is dark. Black can be used to strengthen things as well as charging. It can be used along with white candles for balance and harmony. No color is evil or bad. If someone uses a white candle to harm someone, it doesn't make white candles bad, it is the one who used it for bad. 
Actual records that date back to 4500 B.C. indicate that the Egyptians were most likely the first to create and use oils. They would blend oils and use them in their ceremonies, religious rituals and even medical aspects. 
   Today we do the same but there is a art to blending oils and using them in rituals.
First we need to know the scent and affect of each oil we plan on using. This is when your Book of Shadows comes in handy. 

Keys of Knowledge is getting a new make-over !

   We strive to share the knowledge so that this website will continue to be a resourceful website
for Sister Witches, old and new throughout the world.  

  The unveiling will be in mid November 2015
       Blessed Be