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    Some Native Americans feel that the loose dust that lays upon the soil is the blood, flesh and bones of our ancestors. If they wanted to dig up some soil, they would gently blow upon the area first. Nature's Earth is right beneath the ancestors dust. Today, some people will use that dust and place into a bowl or jar and set upon thier Samhain altar.
  Soil of the Earth can also be used in divination. If you are requesting an answer that had a number value within it. You would scoop up about 1 cup of soil and use a hand held strainer to sift it. The number of stones or clumps left is the answer.
  If a indoor plant dies that soil is suppose to be put back into the earth, so that earth can heal it.
Soil itself can be a all magickal purpose item. Some will even say magick beans is a myth, for it is not the beans that are magickal it is the soil for which the beans grow in.
  Grave yard dirt is used in magick when you wish to get the aide from a love one. Generally is someone who had a substantial positive role model in your life. Meaning, you have a strong love for them as they did for you. It is warned not to use from someone that you didn't actually have a one on one interaction closeness with. For example, your Great, Great , Great Grandma for whom you never met. It would be unwise to use.
  Soil represents the elemtent of earth because it simply embodies the concept of home, stability, wisdom and the divine spirit of Mother Earth.
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Soil of the Earth
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In China adults that would be passing a child on the street that happened to be singing, would pay close attention.
  This was known as a omen. For they considered whatever the children were presently singing was gonig to reflect a coming event.

The shape of a person's head indicate character. The Greeks and Chinese used a "Head Chart".
      It displayed the different shapes
      and listed the meanings.

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Children Singing Omen
Head Character Chart
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Spirit Animals can guide you when you need it.  They can also give you messages and aide you in some psychic abilities. The Psychic abilities I am speaking of are telepathy, which is communicating with them. Just by looking at them, thoughts and images can pop into your head at times. Messages may not always be clear so write it down, every single detail. It may come together at a later time. Working with your Spirit Animal can become easier once you get to know them.
  For instance if they seem to pop up every time something particular happens in your life. Pay attention to that. If they pop up prior of something negative happening then you know they are warning you. I remember hearing someone say, "My spirit animal always appears whenever I'm about to lose money". If that is the case then, protect your money. Don't do any careless purchasing for a while. Don't lend money to someone because you may not get it back. Each Spirit Animal have different purposes for each of us but it is to help us always.
  Some people have more than one Spirit Animal. For most, you are simply drawn to it. When you look into thier eyes, there is a connection of some kind. At first it can be scary but don't let that deter you into thinking that can not be your Spirit Animal. They can seem a little intimidating but that is fine. To them we are stubborn because we doubt, second guess ourselves and when trying to help us it can be frustrating to them. They want to help, work and communicate with you.
  Most of all, never ever hurt a animal. To do that is hurting a spirit of nature. The Egyptians held animals with great respect and love because they knew this.
Spirit  Animals