The Keys of Knowledge started out as a book club for Pagan/Wiccan Women in 2002, who would read stories related to the craft and then get together at a local coffee shop and discuss the story along with other things that had to do with the Craft. 
  In 2004, Keys of Knowledge transitioned into a newsletter which was mailed out to people within the United States. The response for the newsletter was very positive. However, the cost became a bit much to keep up. So in 2005 we decided in order to maintain the newsletter and to expand it beyond the US, we went on line as a On Line Newsletter.
  As years went by visitors of Keys of Knowledge Newsletter grew at a fast rate and had reached women all over the world, including Switzerland, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia,  China, Japan, and more. 

  We were able to share our knowledge of the craft to those who were seeking it, without the hardships of trying to join a coven, telling people of thier new intrest, and most of all discovering the Craft in a comfortable way at thier own pace.  
  Although the writers of Keys of Knowledge are not Wiccan, we do appreciate how the Wicca religion has brought out to the public 
    that Witchcraft is connected to a spiritual religious belief and should be acknowledge and respected.
                     It is our intent to share our expierences and wisdom to those who seek it. We strongly believe that there is 
                    no one way of doing things.  What may not work for one person does not mean it can't work for another. We
                        do our best to try to remain tolerant and open minded when it comes to the Craft. It is a personal spiritual
                          journey that has plenty of wisdom and light to go around. For this is just one of many Keys to Knowledge. 
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