Cleansing Yourself
  Using a Shell or Cauldron to burn your sage in is the easiest way to Cleanse yourself.  I would also suggest a feather to use with it as well.

  Cleansing is a process that removes negative energies from you. You must be willing to let these negative energies go.
  Our daily lives can get hectic and a bit stressfull during certain times, whether it has to be with your car breaking down, a family matter, work situation or anything that causes you to feel down.

  Even if your mood is not in a depressing state, but perhaps you may just feel drained, lack of energy or even lack of inspirationg.
There are plenty of moments when we feel like we just do not have enough energy to do something. Or that we may feel that one bad thing after another is happening to us.

The first thing you must do, is NEVER say that you have bad luck or something along those lines. Don't own up to that.
Even if you had some go wrong the last four days in a row.
Don't ignore the effects it is having on you, but that doesn't mean you have to own it.
Acknowledge that several mishaps have taken place in your life but also acknowledge the things that have been going smoothly in your life as well.
  You will find that those mishaps do not compare to the things that are going good in your life. The things we may take for granted.

  So really you want to just rid yourself of some of those mishaps that are starting to effect your mind, body and spirit.
Doing a Cleansing does not mean that once you do this, negative things can't come back on you.
  It is simply getting rid of the negative things that are currently on you at that point and time. Just like taking a shower. When you shower your removing the dirt but it doesn't mean that dirt can not come back on your skin later.

  You acknowledge the fact that you are now starting to feel negative energies and are ready to remove them. A simple cleansing process can be done.

  Light your sage in your shell or cauldron. Use your feather to fan the smoke around the area you are in. Try to move clockwise.
  Then sit down with your shell/cauldron and hold it in your lap and let the smoke rise up towards your face. Close your eyes and try to relax your mind and lightly smell the sage as the smoke rises upwards.
  Try playing some relaing music while doing this. Envision the smoke as fresh air breezing  through you and around you. 
  If you are upfor trying a more progressive cleansing, use four shells of burning sage and place one in front, behind and on both sides of you.