Selecting your Magickal Tools
  Do not rush out and buy everything at once when you first start out.  I would suggest that you buy as you need them. So if you are doing a spell that requires a certain stone and a bell to ring. Then buy only that.

I personally would not order any item off of line, unless you are fully prepared to cleanse that item in a more in depth way.
In addition to that, the item may not match with you. There could be many reasons for this. 
 Being a empath I am sensitive to vibes easier compared to those who are not. 
  However, everyone can feel vibes as long as they are open to it and are able to distinguish them. When you order on line, your not able to feel the vibes off of them. 
  If you went to a store and picked up a stone, you may feel absolutely nothing or perhaps just a quirky feeling. So you pick up another stone and you feel better about this one. It may be giving you a good feeling, or a tinge of energy from it. 
 So right there you have the choice to pick based on what you feel yourself. Sometimes the atmosphere of the place you are in may give you a uncomfortable feeling. You should always
pay attention to what you feel. Do not doubt your feelings.
So now you are in a store and you are ready to select your tools that you need. It is an easy thing to do. Just trust in your senses. You do not have to be psychic or an empath. We all have the ability to uses these senses.

Pick the item up and try to see if you get any type of feelings from it. Take your time and sometimes it will come and go quickly. 
 If that is the case, go by what you first felt. It you feel nothing, that does not always indicate that it has no energy. You may want to wear a ring that is a moonstone, crystal, or amethyst.  
 Their energies can help enlighten your senses some. Just hold the item in your hand or rub it slightly with your hand. If you still can not feel anything, then try another item or come back another day. 

  Selecting a tool near the full moon is a good time to try. The full moon raises energy in everyone and thing. 
  Another thing you may try is washing you hands first, prior of picking up an item. There are many ways to try to get your senses to pick up vibrations. 
   Vibrations can even feel hot at times. At type of feeling you get, is considered a vibration. Determining whether it is a good one for you to have, will be entirely up to you. 
 Do not go by another's sensing. What may be a good item for them may not be for you. 
     If you feel as though you can not feel anything, do not give up and do not rush it.  Let it happen naturally. Your time will come. 

  Also, some of the best magickal tools you can use are right around your home. A wooden spoon can be used to pull up a circle. A sterling silver necklace can be used to scry with. You will be amazed what you can find around your home.