Here are some easy ways you can greet the sun.
Stand outside and burning sage as the sun comes up. Raise your arms and greet the sun while looking at it, in your own words. 

Hold a bowl of water with both hands and raise it upwards towards the sun and say these words,
                                     "I welcome you, Grandfather Sun and all my relations"
Now lower the bowl and dab your finger in it and say, "Bless my words on this day so they may be true and gracious" dab your lips.
Put your finger back into the water and say, "Bless my eyes so that I can see beauty in everything. dab each eye lid.
Put finger back in water and say, "Bless my ears so I can hear more positive things than negative." dab both ears. Now return finger back into the water and say, "Bless my mind to have understanding what may cross my path today." dab your temples.
Last, put finger back in water and say, "Bless my heart so that I can have compassion for those in need." dab your finger to your heart. 

Hold a small bowl of water upwards towards the sun as it rises and envision the rays of shimmery particles entering from the sun and directly inside your bowl. 
Then lower your bowl and say the words below.
        "I thank the Great Spirit for this day. As I drink from the water that sustains us; I take in good heath, courtesy, understanding, and love."
Now you drink half of the amount of water in the bowl, then say these words,
      "For Mother earth I share my water, to nurture the spirit of life and love."

For those days that it rains and when you are unable to get outside. You can click on the woman below, but FIRST you will need to be looking out a window where you can see the sunrise or at least the rays of it. Place 1 of these items on the edge of the window, table or you can hold it.  
                                   White or Yellow Candle - Burning Sage - Burning Incense