Earth is entwined with Ancient Wisdom, Stability, Family, Grounding, Strength, Structure, Birth, Death, Rebirth, Renewal, North, Goddess, Mother Earth, Crone, Green, Brown, Tan, Soil, Land, Root, Tree, Leaves, Flowers, Herbs, Cauldron, Wood, Caves, Earthquakes, Forest, Mountains, Rocks, Crystals, and more.

The Spirit of Earth has the ability to connect with all universal cultures in order to preserve knowledge of the past and present. Giver of Life, Nurturer, Keeper of Secrets, Receiver of death.
 Deep down below in the Earth's core the Crone resides with a cauldron filled with history, knowledge, truth and wisdom.  

The Strength of Earth has the ability to ground oneself and those around her. This is just one of many of the attributes. It can be used as a starting point in a Circle or a ending point.

               The  Earth  Woman  in  Ritual

    This picture represents the elemental spirit of Earth when invoked by a person from the Earth element. For she stands behinds the Earth invoker with her arms equally outwards to give them balance. 
     The cave wall represents the inner strength and support of the Earth invoker, in which the spirit of Earth has now given, as she stands behind them.
     Her clothing is primitive for Earth itself is ancient. The arm shields that she wears is keeping the Earth invoker protected. Her overall appearance is shabby and chic with an amazon beauty.
   The large boulder upon the ground to the right of her is a reminder that although Earth is the bringer of Life, she also can bring destruction like a earthquake.  

Air is entwined with Communication, Sending, Recieving, Meditation, Past Lives, Wind, Breathe, Freedom, Inspiration, Energy, Astral Projection, Thoughts, Beginings, Feathers, Incense, East, Yellow, White, Joy, Laughter, Spiral, Tornados, Birds, Wings, Fairies, Angels, Chimes, and more.

The Spirit of Air has the ability to carry out spells to thier intended destination. In many cultures in death they believe that the Eastern Air can carry your spirit over to the other side.

The strength of Air is able to bring life forward, keep the flow of energy going. Most use Air as a starting point in a Circle. The power of wind can captivate anyone. It is alluring, filled with words and meanings from our world and beyond. It fills our lungs from the moment we are born. Some mistake it as whimsy but it is anything but, for it is life itself. 
                     The  Air  Woman  in  Ritual

  This picture reprents the elemental spirit of Air when invoked by a person from the Air element. She hoovers behind and upwards from the invoker with her arms spread wide. 
   Notice her hair is blowing back as if the wind was blowing from the front, pushing against her. That is due to the energy of the circle.
  When we release the energy to send out our spells that we do in ritual, it is Air that takes it and carries it off. 
    In this picture, it is in that precise moment when she spreads her arms wide and recieves the energy that is being released. Then she will carry it to it's destination, fulfilling her purpose.
    Air is a very powerful and intense element that many underestimate. If you are not of the Air element and are able to connect and work well with it, then you have mastered what most have trouble with. 
Fire is entwined with  Energy, Love, Passion, Heat, Strength, Magick, Sun, Flint, Flames, Athame, South, Red, Yellow, Orange, Purification, Dragons, Fireflies, Charcoal, Light, Protection, Creativity, Summer, Volcanos, and much more.

The Spirit of Fire has the ability to boost energy as well as lowering. Therefore the invoker must be able to know how to connect and direct with it properly.

The strength of Fire New comers to the craft will have the assumption that this is the strongest element. It is not. All the elements are equally strong once you know how to connect with them. However Fire is the most vulunerable. Pouring Water over fire can put fire out, Earth can smother fire and put it out and Air can blow fire out, which makes the element of fire suceptible to the other three elements.  

                             The  Fire  Woman  in  Ritual

   This picture represents the elemental spirit of Fire when invoked by a person from the Fire element. She spreads her dress the same as she can spread flames. 
   She acknowledges the fact that fire can get out of control even though she is the one providing it. That is the reason she is being responsible by taking caution and looking downwards at the flames, keeping them within her control.
  The angelic glow around her body represents that she has a kind non-discriminatory heart to people and can be an excellent friend.
   The brown colors behind her displays that some of her attributes are the same as Earth, especially being grounded and sensible.
   The red spot on the left represents her fierceness is always within her and she will pull it out when appropriate. 
Water is entwined with  Healing, Purification,  Balance, Dreams, Meditation,Psychic abilities,  Serenity,  Emotions,  Blue, Teal, Rivers, Lakes, Sea, Rain, West, Intuition,  Waterfalls,  Cleansing,  Seashells, Mermaids, Connecting, Chalice, and more.

The Spirit of Water has the ability to connect with objects, people, past, present and future.

The strength of Water can naturally attune their feelings with the phases of the moons without thinking about it. Some people of this element has the ability to heal others but not themselves.

It is said that water is the gateway to the realms. Whether in meditation, dreams, or any spiritual connections. Waters of life can sustain all of life, animals, plants and all living things. It is our greatest need to survive.

 The  Fire  Woman  in  Ritual

 In this picture the woman lifts her hands to bring the water upwards, perhaps midway into a sphere, like casting a circle. The beauty of the ocean appears still and calm. However she has the ability to ripple, stir, rise, and cause flooding. 
   People of the water element are the preferred choice for circle casters. The water provides a mystical barrier just like a crystal ball. So in essence those within are truly between the worlds.