There is so much information on the elements. This is just another way to look at them. They are represented in forms of women and within each holds great value. Delve into the elements, for they are always around you. 
Mother Earth is so strong, well balance, nurturer, creator, destroyer. This is the element to tap into when you need support or birth. The earth supports all things that are upon her if it is her will, calling or need.


    The woman in this picture represents so many things. 

1.) Her back is turned as she stands without a care, for she knows what is behind her is no match for her strength. 

2.) She faces the cave stone wall that is taller than she, but she knows she has the capability to move it with an earthquake.

3.) Her appearance may look shabby and dirty, but even still she can create such beauty.

4.) Her appearance may also look primitive because she has been here since the beginning of time. Lending her strength to the Amazons.

5.) If you are in need of support, strength, balance, protection, focus, or wisdom. Trying connecting with the Earth for she awaits. 

The power of wind can captivate anyone. It is alluring, filled with words and meanings from our world and beyond. It fills our lungs from the moment we are born. Some mistake it as whimsy but it is anything but, for it is life itself. 

    The woman in this picture represents so many things. 

1.) She flies without fear because she has a destination and/or act to achieve and she knows she will succeed in getting it done. 

2.) She blends with the sky giving the illusion that perhaps it is a dream state that is fulfilling her purpose.

3.) A she soars through the air it is with grace but purpose. 

4.) Within the wind she speaks to the animals as well as us. Carrying messages and ideas that are much needed.

5.) If you are in need of new ideas, messenger, connection,or aid your delivery of spells with more accuracy, she is always there.

Fiesty element of power and deep strength to elevate all the elements when called upon. Although it can assist in raising the other elements, fire itself can be the most vulnerable one. The other 3 elements have the power to restrain and put fire out. Water can extinguish fire. Dirt can extinguish fire. And Air can also extinguish fire.

    The woman in this picture represents so many things. 

1.) She shows know fear as she walks through the fire in her white dress. For she is certain the dress and herself will not burn.

2.) She faces the fire by looking directly down upon it. She is not afraid to face not only the fire but people and obstacles as well.

3.) She spreads her dress wide, for she has the ability to do just the same with the flames. Spreading them under her control. 

4.) Behind her shows different shades of flames, showing she has already walked through them and continues to walk even further.

5.) If you are in need for courage, strength, or even an extra punch in your spells, she is the one for you.

It is said that water is the gateway to the realms. Whether in meditation, dreams, or any spiritual connections. Waters of life can sustain all of life, animals, plants and all living things. It is our greatest need to survive.

    The woman in this picture represents so many things. 

1.) She stands within the ocean, knowing soon will be the rise of the sun and she will be ready for it. For she welcomes it. 

2.) Lifting her hands to bring the water upwards, perhaps midway into a sphere, like casting a circle. 

3.) There is no details of the woman for water itself is clear with no distinctions.

4.) The beauty of the ocean appears still, calm. However she has the ability to ripple, stir, rise, and cause flooding. 

5.) If you are in need of healing, emotional balance, dream interpretations and or psychic abilities, she is there.