To have or have not, a Altar
  Altars are a huge inspirational item in any faith.  If you plan on using your Altar on a daily basis, or two or three times a week, then perhaps you should create one.

  They do not have to be anything huge or extravagant. They are a extension of yourself and a link to your faith.
Altars can be created to fit you. That is the beauty of it. It is not only unique, but it reflects you and your faith.

  Several books will dictate specific items that you should have and where exactly they should be positioned. That is not necessary in order for you to connect with your faith.
  Try not to get caught up with the point to point details of things, or otherwise it will loose the real true purpose of it.

First, you should decide what items draws your attention to your faith. Perhaps you have a fondness to Owls. Then place a statue of a Owl on your altar. Think how that Owl connects you to your faith. It could make you think of the beauty of nature's creatures, the element of air, or even wisdom of your faith.
  It only has to make sense to you. The connection is between you and your faith. Therefore, no one can say that item does not belong there.
Placing candles on a Altar represents many different things, but what does it represent to you. Besides the element of fire, perhaps it is the passion of your faith which connects with the flame. 
  A bowl of fruit, water, nuts, flowers, etc. What ever links you to your faith and makes you feel good.
  Perhaps the only thing that you may find you need is one candle and a small glass bowl of your favorite herb. Or just some incense and a feather. What ever you desire to have, you can place on your altar.

  Colors are so spiritually powerful and I find that if I feel like I need something then I create a transitional altar. It is quite simple and descreet. 
  Even though it will catch the eye of visitiors in my home, whom just seem to be drawn to it, they have no idea what it truly is. I get complements on it and just smile and tell them yes, I made it, and thank them.

  My transitional Altar will change depending on what I feel I am in need of.  For instance if I would like to bring more tranquility into my life, then my Altar will be created for that purpose.
  I simply get a blue glass bowl, about as deep as a pie dish.
I fill it with different shades of blue stones, glass flat marbles and blue teal colored sand. Then I place three blue voltive glass holders in it with light blue candles in each one.
  It looks like a nice decorative piece to others, but to me it is my Altar. At night I light the candles and the shades of blues creates a illuminating effect that seems to make the stones and glass marble pieces spark some.
  For that is my Altar of Tranquility and for me, it works quite well.
Your Altar can be whatever helps connects you to your faith.