JASMINE: Jasminum officinales, J. species.
Feminine, Moon, Water.
Origin: Over 150 species growing in warmer regions of China, India and western Asia. Later introduced to Britain and U.S.A.
Part Used: Flowers, essential oil.
Uses: Annointing, astral projection, balance, prophetic dreams, fertility, happiness, justice, love (spiritual), luck, lust, meditation, peace, prosperity, protection, psychic, sleep, success, weddings.
Other: Used to charge quartz crystals. Burn to lift spirits. Associated with the night. Hindu name translates as "moonlight of the grove." Associated with the Virgin Mary.
Sabbat: Ostara.

JUNIPER: Juniperus communis.
Masculine, Sun/Jupiter, Fire.
Origin: Over 40 species of evergreen tree and shrub. Found throughout the northern hemisphere.
Part Used: Berries, wood, essential oil.
Uses: Animals, anti-theft, exorcism, fertility, health, hex-breaking, love, lust, potency, protection, psychic powers, purification, to keep secrets, strength.
Other: Women would burn the branches during childbirth so faeries would not spirit away the newborn and leave a changeling in its place. A Druid sacred tree.
Sabbat: Yule.

LADY'S MANTLE: Alchemilla vulgaris.
Feminine, Venus, Water/Earth.
Origin: A plant of the North; found in Great Britain, mainly Scotland, also in the Andes.
Part Used: Leaves.
Uses: Animals, beauty, compassion, modesty, weddings.
LAVENDER: Lavendula officinalis and other species.
Masculine, Mercury, Air.
Origin: Indigenous to mountainous regions of Mediterranean countries; later introduced into France, Italy and by the Romans to Britain and as far north as Norway. Early colonists brought it to America. Best quality is from England. Spike Lavender is said to have originated in the Mediterranean area and N. Africa.
Part Used: Flowers, essential oil.
Uses: Annointing, balancing, chastity (with Rosemary), clairvoyance, consecration, divination, exorcism, grieving, happiness, healing, inspiration, longevity, love, luck, lust, meditation, conscious mind, offeratory, peace, prosperity, protection, psychic, purification, to keep secrets, sleep, to see spirits.
Other: Invokes the wisdom of Hecate. Use to increase the duration of spells.
Sabbat: Midsummer, Ostara.

LEMON: Citrus limon.
Feminine, Moon, Water.
Origin: Indigenous to Asia, India and later to Mediterranean countries. Over 45 species.
Part Used: Peel, essential oil, leaves.
Uses: Beauty, fidelity, healing, longevity, love, lust (leaves), strength.
Other: To increase power of spells, Full Moon.
Sabbat: Midsummer.

LEMON BALM: Melissa officinalis.
Feminine, Moon/Jupiter, Water/Fire.
Origin: Mediterranean area, later Europe, Asia, N. America and N. Africa.
Part Used: Leaves, essential oil.
Uses: Animal healing, compassion, endings, fertility, happiness, healing, longevity, love, mental, prosperity, psychic, release, success, youth.
Other: Used to see faeries. Named for Greek nymph, Melissa, who is the bee goddess - bees love this plant.

LEMONGRASS: Cymbopogon citratus, C. species.
Masculine, Mercury/Sun, Air/Fire.
Origin: Asia, western India and Africa. Several species in Sri Lanka.
Part Used: Leaves, essential oil.
Uses: Clairvoyance, divination, fidelity, honesty, lust, psychic, purification, strength.
Other: Used by ancient Egyptians to enhance psychic abilities. Biblical oil used in consecration.

LEMON VERBENA: Lippia citriodora, Aloysia triphylla.
Masculine, Mercury/Venus, Air.
Origin: Chili and Peru. Later cultivated in Mediterranean, Kenya and China.
Part Used: Leaves, essential oil.
Uses: Creativity, dreams, exorcism, happiness, hex-breaking, love, to prevent nightmares, peace, power, protection, psychism, purification, sleep, success.
Other: Druidic women wore garlands of this herb. Increases strength of mixtures.
Sabbat: Midsummer.

LILAC: Syringa vulgaris.
Feminine, Venus/Jupiter, Water/Fire.
Origin: Native to Persia and mountainous regions of eastern Europe. Introduced to Britain during reign of Henry VIII.
Part Used: Flower, wood, essential oil.
Uses: Clairvoyance, creativity, divination, happiness, love, memory, modesty, peace, prosperity, psychic, reincarnation.
Other: To help recall past lives. Protection from vampires. To draw Sprites to your garden.
Sabbat: Beltane.

MACE: Myristica fragrans.
Masculine, Mercury, Air.
Origin: Jave, New Guinea, West Indies.
Part Used: Outer covering of the Nutmeg. essential oil.
Uses: Divination, fertility, love, luck, mental, prosperity, protection, psychic.
Other: Used in mojo bags for love and money.
Sabbat: Imbolc.

MANDRAKE: Mandragora officinale.
Masculine, Mercury, Fire/Earth.
Origin: Native of southern Europe, Himalayas and Palestine.
Part Used: Root, leaves.
Uses: Animals, exorcism, fertility, healing, image magick, love, lust, prosperity, protection, virility.
Other: Associated with Hecate. Mandrake roots were found in Tutankhamun's tomb. American Mandrake is the Mayapple, an entirely different plant, although magickal properties are the same. May be used as a substitute. CAUTION: Both plants are poisonous!
Sabbat: Samhain.

MAPLE: Acer species.
Masculine, Jupiter, Air.
Origin: Over 100 species native mainly to N. America, northern India and Japan. Only one species is indigenous to United Kingdom.
Part Used: Leaves, wood.
Uses: Love, longevity, prosperity.

MARJORAM: Origanum majorana, O. vulgare.
Feminine, Saturn, Fire.
Origin: Native to Portugal. Wild Marjoram (O. vulgare) is widely grown in Asia, Europe and N. Africa, probably originally from Greece or Sicily.
Part Used: Leaves, essential oil.
Uses: Animals, grieving, healing, love, newlyweds, peace, prosperity, protection, psychic, purification.
Other: Thought to help the dead sleep in peace. A gentle herb, used by Greeks at weddings and funerals.

MASTIC, GUM: Pistacia lentiscus, P. atlantica.
Masculine, Sun/Mercury, Air.
Origin: Shrub found over Mediterranean region, Spain, Greece, France, and tropical Africa. Grown in England since mid 1600's.
Part Used: Resin.
Uses: Divination, lust, manifestations, mental, psychic.
Other: For divination, use with Cinnamon, Juniper, Patchouli and Sandalwood. Adds potency and power to the mixture.

MAYAPPLE: Podophyllum peltaltum.
Masculine, Mercury, Fire.
AKA: American Mandrake.
Uses: See Mandrake. CAUTION: Poisonous!

MELILOT: Melilotus officinalis, M. species.
Venus, Earth.
AKA: Sweet Clover, King's Clover.
Origin: Native to Europe and Asia. Other species to N. America and Africa.
Part Used: Leaves.
Uses: Animals, commanding, endings, happiness, luck, protection, release, strength.

MINT: Mentha species. Many species.
Masculine, Mercury, Air.
Origin: Thought to be a native of Mediterranean region and brought to Britain by the Romans.
Part Used: Leaves, essential oil.
Uses: Exorcism, healing, lust, prosperity, protection, travel.
Other: A Druic sacred herb. See also Peppermint and Spearmint.
Sabbat: Samhain.

MISTLETOE: Viscum album (European), Phoradendron flavescens (American).
Masculine, Sun, Fire.
Origin: An ervergreen parasitic plant growing on branches of trees (mainly Ash, Poplar and Apple, occasionally on Oak). Found throughout Europe and S. Africa.
Part Used: Leaves, berries.
Uses: Animals, consecration, exorcism, fertility, healing, hunting, immortality, invisibility, love, luck, protection, renewal, success, virility.
Other: Used by Druids to see beyond the cycle of rebirth. It is the most sacred "tree" of the Druids. Use in floor wash to attract patrons to a business. An herb of the Underworld in Greek and Roman mythology. Used in Faery magick when picked on Midsummer. CAUTION: Poisonous.
Sabbat: Yule, Midsummer, Lughnassadh.

MUGWORT: Artemisia vulgaris, A. ludoviciana (American).
Feminine, Venus, Earth/Air.
AKA: Western Mugwort or White Sage (Artemesia spp.) is American.
Origin: Probably native to Europe. Found in temperate zones. American version is found in western United States and Mexico.
Part Used: Leaves, essential oil, flowers.
Uses: Anti-theft, astral projection, banishing, clairvoyance, consecration, divination, longevity, prophetic dreams, fertility, hex-breaking, lust, protection (physical), psychic, release, sanity, scrying, sleep, strength, safe travel, visions.
Other: A Druid sacred herb. Once known as "Mother of Herbs" because it could drive off imps and devils. Often used in dream pillows. Used to exorcise spirits of disease. A branch kept under the doorstep will keep away annoying visitors. A Chinese protective herb.
Sabbat: Midsummer, Mabon.

MULLEIN: Verbascum thapus.
Feminine, Saturn, Fire.
Origin: Widespread - Europe and temperate Asia, N. America (especially the eastern states), and U.K. (except northern Scotland). Also common in N. Africa.
Part Used: Flowers, leaves.
Uses: Determination, courage, exorcism, fertility, healing, longevity, love, protection, purification, sleep, travel.
Other: A Native American herb. Used as a substitute for graveyard dust. Often an important ingredient in many potions.
Sabbat: Samhain.

MUSK: No latin name.
Venus, Earth.
Origin: Oil extracted from the glandular sack of Himalayan musk deer.
Uses: Apply to 3rd eye during meditation to open chakras to divine wisdom. Love incenses, prosperity, courage, fertility.
Other: Since animals must die to provide this oil, please use a substitute: Musk Ambrette seed (Hibiscus abelmoschus) from the musk mallow. Or a Calif. musk plant (Mimulus moschatus). Either of these can be used instead. Magickal properties are the same.

MYRRH: Commiphora myrrha.
Feminine, Moon/Sun, Water/Fire.
Origin: Bush native to Arabia, Somaliland.
Part Used: Resin, essential oil.
Uses: Animal healing, annointing, banishing, blessing, compassion, consecration, endings, exorcism, happiness, healing, hex-breaking, luck, meditation, peace, prosperity, protection, purification, release, success.
Other: Lifts vibrations. Use to drive and bind spells. Used as a fixative in perfumery and potpourri. The bush is a Christian symbol of continence. An Egyptian embalming ingredient. Burned in liturgical rites throughout the ancient world. Hebrew women used it for purification.
Sabbat: Imbolc, Mabon.

NETTLE: Urtica dioica.
Masculine, Mars, Fire.
AKA: Stinging Nettle.
Origin: Throughout temperate regions of Europe, Asia, Japan, S. Africa, Australia, Andes, N. America and Canada.
Part Used: Leaves.
Uses: Courage (with Yarrow), exorcism, healing, hex-breaking, lust, send-back, protection.

NUTMEG: Myristica fragrans.
Masculine, Jupiter, Fire.
Origin: Malaya, Molucca Islands.
Part Used: Seed, essential oil.
Uses: Clairvoyance, divination, dreams, fidelity, fertility, healing, invisibility, justice, love, luck, lust, meditation, prosperity, protection, psychic, sleep.
Other: Used to activate love spells.
Sabbat: Samhain.

OAK: Quercus alba, many species.
Masculine, Sun/Jupiter, Fire.
Origin: Found throughout northern hemisphere.
Part Used: Leaves, acorns, wood.
Uses: Commanding, confidence, courage, fertility, healing, longevity, luck, power, prosperity, protection, purification, to keep secrets, strength, success, virility.
Other: A Druid holy tree, the Oak was the king of trees in a grove. Connected with the Dagda, Herne, Zeus, Hecate, Pan, Blodeuwedd, Cerridwyn, Cernnunnos. A Native American tree. Associated with the Thunder gods of many cultures due to the fact it attracts lightning more than other trees. Midsummer fire is Oak, and the needfire usually kindled in a Oak log. Believed to provide safety to the Faery Folk.
Sabbat: Yule, Mabon, Samhain, Lughnassadh, Midsummer.

OAKMOSS: Evernia prunastri.
Jupiter/Moon, Earth/Water.
Origin: A lichen that grows mostly on Oak trees in Europe and N. America.
Part Used: Whole plant, essential oil.
Uses: Clairvoyance, divination exorcism, hex-breaking, inspiration, prosperity, widsom.
Other: Used as a fixative. To invoke the elementals.

OLIVE Leaf: Olea europaea.
Masculine, Sun, Fire.
AKA: Sweet oil.
Origin: Native to Asia Minor and Syria. Cultivated in Mediterranean region, Chili, Peru and southern Australia. Very long lived tree.
Part Used: Oil or leaf
Uses: Annointing, fertility, healing, luck, lust, peace, potency, protection.
Other: Excellent base to distill other essences. Sacred to Minerva, goddess of wisdom.

ORANGE: Citrus sinesis, Citrus species.
Masculine, Sun, Fire.
Origin: India and China.
Part Used: Peel, flowers, essential oil.
Uses: Balancing, beauty, divination, fertility, happiness, healing, love, luck, peace, prosperity, purification, weddings.
Other: Use flowers in love incenses. Signifies a long, happy marriage. Chinese symbol of luck and prosperity.

ORRIS: Iris florentina.
Feminine, Venus, Water/Earth.
AKA: Yellow Flag Iris.
Origin: Eastern Mediterranean area, northern India and N. Africa.
Part Used: Root.
Uses: Creativity, divination, exorcism, to stop gossip, hex-breaking, love, protection.
Other: Used as a fixative. Sacred to Hera.
Sabbat: Mabon.

PANSY: Viola tricolor, V. species.
Feminine, Saturn, Water.
Uses: Love, rain magick.

PARSLEY: Petroselinum crispum.
Masculine, Venus/Saturn, Air/Earth.
Origin: Native of eastern Mediterranean regions (especially Greece), Turkey, Algeria and Lebanon. Brought to Britain during the 1600's. Over 40 species.
Part Used: Leaves, root, essential oil.
Uses: Clairvoyance, death, divination, fertility, happiness, lust, meditation, protection, psychic, purification, reincarnation.
Other: In middles ages it was thought that to transplant Parsley would bring disaster to the house. Symbol of death in ancient Greece and Rome.

PASSIONFLOWER: Passiflora incarnata, P. species.
Feminine, Venus, Water.
Origin: Native to American tropics.
Part Used: Flower.
Uses: Blessings, friends, passion, peace, sleep.
Sabbat: Mabon.

PATCHOULI: Pogostemon cablin, P. patchouli.
Feminine, Saturn/Venus, Earth.
Origin: Native to E. and W. Indies, Paraguay, tropical Asia.
Part Used: Leaves, essential oil.
Uses: Banishing, clairvoyance, commanding, creativity, divination, exorcism, fertility, happiness, hex-breaking, love, lust, memory, physical energy, peace (in home), prosperity, protection, release.
Other: A fixative. A substitute for graveyard dust. To break off love affairs. Power of the Gnomes. The Horned God.

PENNYROYAL: Mentha pulegium.
Masculine, Mars/Venus, Fire/Air.
Origin: Native of Europe and Asia.
Part Used: Leaves, essential oil.
Uses: To aid business deals, endings, love, peace, protection, purification, release, strength.
Other: CAUTION: Essential oil is highly toxic. American Pennyroyal (Hedeoma pulegiodes AKA Squaw Mint) is used the same way as the European

PEPPER, BLACK: Piper genus.
Masculine, Mars/Sun, Fire.
Origin: Native to southern India, China; later cultivated in the E. and W. Indies, Malay and Siam.
Part Used: Fruit, essential oil.
Uses: Binding, courage, cursing, exorcism, hex-breaking, lust, protection.
Other: Adds piquancy to a relationship. May use Turmeric as a substitute.

PEPPERMINT: Mentha piperita.
Masculine, Mercury/Venus, Fire/Air.
Origin: Native to Japan, China and Egypt.
Part Used: Leaves, essential oil.
Uses: Animals, balancing, consecration, prophetic dreams, ecology, endings, excitement, changes, happiness, healing, hexing, justice, love, luck, lust, mental, partnership, prosperity, protection, psychic, purification, release, renewal, sleep, visions.
Other: Used to raise vibrations. Laws of Karma.

PINE: Pinus genus.
Masculine, Mars/Saturn, Air/Earth.
Origin: Many species widespread.
Part Used: Needles, cones, wood, essential oil.
Uses: Animals, annointing, binding, clairvoyance, cleansing, compassion, consecration, divination, exorcism, fertility, grounding, healing, hex-breaking, peace, prosperity, protection, purification, strength.
Other: Burned in winter to purify. Sacred to the Druids; one of the 7 chieftan trees of the Irish. Amerindian tree. Used to cleanse the aura.
Sabbat: Yule, Mabon, Midsummer.

POPPY: Papaver rhoeas.
Feminine, Moon, Water.
Origin: Asia Minor, China, southeastern Europe.
Part Used: Seeds, seed pods, flowers.
Uses: Clairvoyance, commanding, compassion, divination, dreams, fertility, invisibility, love, luck, peace, prosperity, psychic, sleep.
Other: Used to invoke faeries into dreams, to break love spells. Red Poppy is a symbol of fallen warriors. Sacred to Demeter and Artemis. Alleged to draw large amounts of money fast. CAUTION: Opium Poppy (P. somniferum) is not only illegal, it is toxic. Also, do not ingest Poppy seeds of any kind before undergoing a drug test - you will test positive.

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