Knowing Yourself
   That is just one starting point in discovering yourself. 
 Another, is to think about your thoughts and things that happened when you thought them. I am talking about wishes, prayers, etc. 
  Your fascinations are another clue to knowing yourself. Do you find yourself fascinated by certain things in the craft? For instance stones. Or maybe gardening, or your love for animals.
  Also think about any dreams you may have had. Just think about yourself. Most of us know our gifts already but we like to have it confirmed. If you can talk to family members or friends about what you suspect of yourself. Or you can simply think about what people have always said about you. 
  Meditating on this matter, can also be some help. I suggest if you do this, to call upon your Spirit Animal to help you. 

  Perhaps you still can not think or have no clue what your gift could possibly be. Don't force it to come to you. It will in time. 
Sometimes our gifts may be dormant and now quite awaken yet. 
 Our natural instinct would be to awaken them. If you truly feel you are ready for this, then try doing this spell. Once your gift is revealed to you, there is no going back. Your gift will be active and ready for you to use. 
 However, if it is not used, the energy from it can be a bit overwhelming until it disappates slowly. Which will eventually go back into a dormant stage.  I do not know exactly how long this will take, because it does vary from person to person.

 Once you know your gift, read up about it. Try testing it out on something small. Excercise your gift. It is yours, so use it.

   Everyone wants to know what thier gifted power is. In order to know that, you have to know yourself. It is really quite simple. Who knows you better then yourself. 
    Think back when you were a child and all those odd things that happened when you were around. Perhaps you were a child that had a odd quirk about them. Explore that quirk. When you got upset, did anything strange happen? Were you able to know what people were about to say before they said them?  Were you someone who was always able to always get out of tight situations?  
  Just think back on things that had no explanation to you.