Blue or Teal Material to sit on.
 Bowl of water   Sea shell    3 blue candles

Oil Burner with water and Rose or Lavender oil.
Items Needed:
Place your bowl of water to the east. One of each of the blue candles to to the North, East & South.  Light them.

Light your oil burner. Be sure you can smell the scent.

Hold the sea shell and face the West.  Take a couple of deep breaths slowly and try to relax.  

Look at the water as you feel the sea shell. 

Then when you are relaxed, close your eyes and try to envision sitting on the beach looking out into the ocean.
Or try to envision sitting outside with rain coming down.

Try to hear the sound of the ocean waves or the sound of the rain falling. 

You are in control. Make the waves rise higher or move faster. Or start to make the rain fall harder. 

If you are able to hear the rain or ocean, you are able to connect with water.
  If you are able to feel rain drops, you are able to connect with water. 
  If you are able to smell the sea, you are able to connect with water.
  You may just be surprised how easy it is to do these methods of connecting.  Natural Magick is not designed to be hard or difficult. 
    Having years of practice does make you better at your craft but does not mean those who have less years are less powerful. 
  Mastering your skills is something that only you, yourself are able to achieve. As you go along you will find that there could have been easier ways to do certain things. 
 It does not mean you are taking short cuts, but you are being practical. 
   Nature was never meant to be difficult. Nature is just pure and simple. So is Natural Magick. 

  There are so many books out on the craft and everyone has there own ideas of how things are suppose to be. Some books are very good and useful, some are not.  Some can even confuse you even more so. 
  Here is a tip, when looking at a book related to the craft. If the writer points out that there is only one way of doing something, then a red flag should go up. 
  Think of it like this, it never rains the exact same way each time, the same amount, the same position, same date, etc. 
Nature is not like that and neither is natural magick. 
   Your journey into the craft should be one that feels free, comfortable and good.           
                                                                       Blessed Be !
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