" So you have come to test how well you could of held up during the 1628 Witch Hunts.
   Make no mistake it is not  for the faint of hearts.  Many innocent people died because of the ignorance, greed and predjudices. Be grateful we are no longer living in those days. Or are we?  I still have several in the closet Witches I know today and I don't blame them one bit.

  Well let's have a quick look at you first. hmm.......you got guts I can see that for sure. You will need to  have all your wits about you and remember it's your neck on the line, so think carefully before you answer any of thier questions. 
   May the Goddess bless you on this jouney. 

You have been accused of witchcraft and will be questioned. Whether or not you survive will be based on the choice of answer you select.  Think of the time period and use your wits.
  There are several possible endings for your character, not all of them will lead to death.
However since the actual hunts did involve numerous tortures, a warning must be given.
Some of the pages may be unsuitable for those under 18 years.

Read the text on the following pages, which are written from the point of view of someone caught up in the hunts. You advance to the next page either by clicking on the "next" icon , or your character advances by making a choice following an asterisk* *from several *red hyperlinks, or clicking on a red  picture.  You may exit the hunt by closing its window.

The hunt should open into its own window.  The first link uses javascript to open a special window and may ask you if you want to close the window:  click "Yes" and the proper one should appear.