When you know you will be doing a spell in the next few weeks or days, it is good to be prepared with the knowledge of the herbs you will be using.  Here are some simple steps to do to help you connect with them. Connecting is knowledge.

1. )   Try to find a little history/lore on the herb. You want to
        come across something of intrest to you. It can be just
        one or two sentences.      

2.)    The herb you pick must be related to your intent.

3. )   Take note of at least two or three Medicinal properties.

4. )   Smell the herb so you know the scent.

5. )   Feel the herb so you know how it feels.

Keep a small journal or notebook and jot this information down. 
  The more you use the herb, you will be able to remember the information. As you go along, you may want to add information to it as you discover things while working with it.

   If you are using just one herb in a spell, then smell that herb and touch it everyday up until you use it. Familiarize yourself with it.
  After a while, you may get sick of the smell, but you will not forget it.
Also while smelling it, close your eyes. Let you senses pick the aroma of the herb up fully.
You can make a game out of it. Choose three herbs and close your eyes and smell them. Try to pick out which herb is which. Try doing the touch test as well and see if you can tell by feeling, or feeling and touch both. Either way your learning and connecting.

                             Clove                                   June/2008

Clove trees are considered sacred in Indonesia and are given respect equivalent to a pregnant woman.

I will be using this when doing my divination with my crystal ball.

Good for digestive problems and toothaches.

It smells like a rich sweet spice scent with a tinge of ginger smell to it. 
The powder form has a stronger scent.

In the regular herb form it feels a little prickly, like bits of broken sticks or thorns but not as sharp.

Example: of Herbal Journal