Connecting with Herbs
Herbs are such a wonderful blessing from nature!  Mother Earth has always provided us with her aroma scents, beauty of flowers, nurturing of foods, and so much more.
  She continues to provide for us whether we acknowlede her or not. Those of us who who are fully aware of the gifts she freely gives to us, thank her is our own ways.
  One of those ways is giving back to her, which is reffered to as a offering. Many people confuse offerings for a trade. Thinking if she accepts my offering, my spell will work.

  That is not true. A Offering is a nice gesture that lets Mother Earth know that we not only acknowledge the gifts she provides, but we are grateful to them and know that what we give back to the ground can be used once again. 
  If you must, think of it as recylcing. Depending on your offering, if it is bread, fruit, etc. the animals may eat it. Or if it is herbs and oils that were burned, they may provide a nourishment to the soil. In any case, it will not be wasted. Nature will use it one way or another.
  You are showing a appreciation of what you have taken and used. That is all. You are helping with the continous cylce of growth.

  There is so much bad stigma connected with the word "Offering".  Most people who have no knowledge of the craft,

will instantly think of blood sacrifice.  In the past sacrifices were done. That can not be disputed. However, in Roman times, sacrificing an animal was considered a offering to a God.
Yet scholars will admit, this was a belief of the people that the Gods would want this and bless them for it.  However, no one can speak for the Gods, so some scholars will phrase it carefully where talking about sacrifices for offerings. There is no proof that any specific God had ever requested a sacrifice.
  Even today as you look through books on certain Deities, it is very rare to come across something in writing that states a particular God requires the sacrifice of a certain animal in order for a spell to work.

  When you use herbs in a spell, you should have enough information on them prior of using them.  Always do some reseach on the herbs you use.
  I have found that knowing certain information on them, really does help me when using them. Knowing this information, makes a connection with them and I am able to put them to better use when working with them.

  There is so much information and so many herbs that no one can learn all of them. That is far to unrealistic. Learn as you go. By doing this, you will be better off remembering the herbs.

The next pages will help you learn the herbs in a quicker and productive manner. My goal is to help provide you with methods that had worked for me and others without going too much in depth to overwhelm you.