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 There are so many different stones to learn about and they are all so fascinating with the History, Lore, Magick and more.
  For fun, why not discover what a good Spiritual Stone for you to learn about. Just input your first name and your zodiac sign.
  Once your Stone name appears, do some research on the stone and learn about the history, lore, region, magicakal, medicinal properties are, and more. 

Then try to meditate on this stone. It is always best to learn all that you can prior of doing any sort of magick with the use of stones in order to get thier full potential. 
 As you look through the gemstone book, keep in mind that there are many uses for them and not all of them can be listed. The information provided is to help you to discover some of the wonderful usage that these stones have had for centuries. 

All stones are connected to the Earth element and to say one is of water, air or fire will only hinder your capacity to connect with them. 
I feel the same way when it comes to saying what your birthstone is, when really there is no scientific or even historical facts linked to this notion.  

 Stones have had spiritual purpose for everyone, not just certain zodiacs. The Egyptians were aware of this as well as English Royalty. 
They at no time limited themselves with a connection to just one stone based on your date of birth. 
 So please take your time and learn about these stones as much as you can and enjoy them. Once you are able to know and connect with them, you will understand thier properties more on a personal level.