Agate: Protection for Children, Calming, Happiness, Courage, Strength, and it dispels fears. Also increase in self confidence. 

Amazonite: Good for trust, Communication, Integrity, Creativity,
money and strong psychic powers. It is also said that it can help relieve grief. Known as the Stone of Intuition.

Amber: Gives Clarity of thought along with wisdom. Amber will draw out negative energies in order to cleanse. It is also a highly protection and, psychic shielding stone.  For those who wear it on them, the effects will be calming and a balance for the wearer. It is also good for love and healing. 

Amethyst: In ancient times of Rome this stone was known to help sober those who were drunk. Other properties are psychic abilities and great for meditation on past lives. This stone also provides a inner strength.

Ametrine: Great for removing negativity. It also is a good meditation stone. When used with rose quartz it can be a very
good healing stone for emotions, reducing stress and tension.

Apache Tears: This is a strong forgiveness stone. It is also good to use with those with empath abilities in order to do past life readings.

Aventurine: A powerful Lucky stone, as well as Friendship and Money. When used with quartz crystals it helps with solutions.

Beryl:  Travel Protection and a stone that strengthens your faith.

Blood Stone: This stone removes all blockages, thus allowing
clear perception, wisdom and good positive things to come into your life.

Blue Lace Agate: A very warming, gentle stone that promotes peace and calmness. It is also a highly spiritual stone that helps communicates with spirits. 

Bronzite:  This is a wonderful grounding and focussing stone.

Calcite: Gives a abundance of energy along with healing, wisdom and  creativity. It also helps to reduce stress slowly when worn.

Carnelian: A good memory stone. When you scry to find lost items, this stone should be used during this time or held. It is also helps to keep things clam in the home.

Cat's Eyes: Good for Mediation. It also promotes good fortune and luck.

Citrine: This stone is powerful for dispelling nightmares. It also helps with mood swings and despression. When worn or used with blue lace agate it quickly brings aniexty down.

Chrysacolla: A highly harmony stone that is associated with
cleansing and balance. It is also good when contacting spirits.

Copper: Strong energy and healing stone.
Aventurine                                    Amber
B & C
Blue Lace Agate                          Citrine