Connecting with the Elements
  Reguardless what element you may be of, you should know how to connect with all of them.  There are certain types of magick that requires energy from certain elements.
  If your not able to tap into the energy, then how can you expect for your spell to work properly. 

 For instance if you are doing a healing spell, you will need to tap into the element of water. If you are working on a prosperity spell, you will need to tap into the element of earth. If you are working a protection spell, you may need to tap into the element of fire. If you are sending out any spells, you will need to tap into the element of Air. 
  There are much more various intents that connects with these elements and sooner or later you will know which to use.
Elements can have dual purposes as well. For instance a healing spell may require you to tap not only into water but the element of earth as well. It will vary. 

 In any case, you will need to connect with these elements in order to make anything happen. Feel free to read as many books as you like in order to try to learn how to do this, but there is no easier way for you to learn, then for you to actually do visualization.
  Reading is good, but not enough. Don't be afraid of trying something out once you read about it. If it is something that you find distasteful, then do not do it. 
 The rules of being a natural Witch is that you must go by your own good morals and common sense. Following your intuition falls under common sense as well. 
  Try using these methods in connecting with the elements. 
Place your plant to the north. One of each of the green candles to to the east, south, and west. Light them.

Light your oil burner. Be sure you can smell the sandlewood.

Hold the stone and face the North.  Take a couple of deep breaths slowly and try to relax.  

Look at the plant as you feel the stone. 

Then when you are relaxed, close your eyes and try to envision the roots of the plant growing on the ground towards yourself. 

Envision them slowly wrapping around you gently. Have them go around your lower part of your body and then entwining around both of your arms and stopping. 

The roots are in your control. As the lay gently around your arms, keep your eyes closed and slowly raise your arms straight out in front of you. 
  Envision them shooting out from your arms. 

If you are able to do this, you are able to connect with Earth.
Items Needed:
Green or Brown Material to sit on.
A Plant         A Rock           3 green candles

Oil Burner with water and sandlewood oil.