Moldavite: A powerful universal Magickal stone. It will increase the depth and clarity of all magickal energies. Quartz Crystal is known as a highly powerful magickal stone, however Moldavite proceeds that level since it comes from a meteorite from the universe. It can also expand a person's consciousness. 

Moon Stone: It is a great calming stone and those who have any kind of psychic abilities, it will increase them as worn.

Moss Agate: It is great to use for blessing your garden. It also helps with any addictions. When worn with silver it produces energies for protection.

Obsidian: Good in divination but also a highly protection stone.

Onyx: Helps with self control along with grounding. It can also protect you from people who drain your energy. Wearing too much Onyx can cause your energy to become low. 

Pearl: A integrity stone. Brings tranquility and helps connects with the Mother Goddess.

Peridot: A strong harmony stone as well as healing.

Quartz Crystal:  Enhances energy. It also purifies the spirit in order to rebuild ones magickal powers. A powerful protective stone by dispelling negativity of all types. Great for all divination.
M - Q
Moldavite               Moonstone          

Red Jasper: A stone to help bring justice and promotes fairness.

Rhodonite: uHelps with calmness but also aids in love.

Rose Quartz: Stong love stone and aids in negotiations.

Ruby: Aids in loyatly as well as a strong protection stone to those with psychic abilities.

Rutilated Quartz: Great to use when working with chakras. Also promotes inspiration.

Sapphire: A great meditation stone as well as strong healing.

Silver: Can attract positive energies. It helps connects spiritual during the New Moon.

Smokey Quartz: A good grounding stone. It also absorbs unwanted energies out of peope.

Sodalite: A stone that produces logic and can be very useful during arugments by helping with the communication process.

Sunstone: Increases power and will. Brings self confidence and leadership qualities. It is good when trying to contact your spirit guide or totem.

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Peridot                   Sunstone