Diamond: Is a powerful relationship stone as well as Courage.
When in a pyramid/triangle shape it becomes a powerful spiritual
connections stone. Embedded in white gold or platantium, the diamond strrengthens psychic abilities. Embedded in yellow gold it represents the God and Goddess.

Diopside: Is a healing stone for people and pets. Wearing this stone can also promote energy, creative ideas and solutions to other's problems. 

Dolomite: A strong balance stone for the home. It will also help
with sleep. Great to wear for who tend to have aniexty.

Garnet: A strong protective stone from any type of witchcraft. It is excellant in wearing it in a ring, pendant or amulet. This stone also increases the sex drive.

Gold: Can be considered as a energy stone when used outside when the sun is out. Magick increases with the sunlight to those who wear it. Otherwise it helps in calmness and stabilizes the emotions.

Hematite: This is a strong balance stone. It is also good for grounding yourself from excess energy. 

Iolite: This is a stong psychic stone, which also makes it a excellent for meditation as well as astral travel.

D - I
Diopside                           Hematite
Jade: Strong prosperity stone & strong balance of emotions stone.

Jasper: A good tranquility stone and good for Astral projection.

Jet: Powerful protection against evil and psychic attacks. Also helpful for depression and to protect ones finances.

Kunzite: Gives a abundance of energy. Strong enough to remove any obstacles that are blocking your path. Placed in your bedroom, it could keep you up at night.

Labradorite: A highly success stone. It can also bring clarity and insight when looking into your future. It can increase your learning abilities as well.

Lapis Lazuli: A awarness stone. It can bring the truth to you as well as bringing positive spiritual things.

Leopard Jasper: A shamanic journey stone that is great when trying to  discover and connect with one's animal totems.

Magnesite: This stone helps keep those with false intentions away from you. It represents a freedom of purity with magick. Also known as a "Solitary Witch Stone"

Malachite: This will help you deal with any unexpected changes that occur in your life. Also a good stone when working with Egyptian Dieties.

J - M
Kunzite                  Leopard Jasper               Malachite